Our New Green Program for Avocados

The success we have of Fresh Green Fruit is attributed to correct temperatures (38/42 F) handling, packaging and shipping until delivered to the final customer. Avocados go through a natural ripening process that allows the fruit to conserve its flavor, important nutrients and ripening evenly.

This gives us the advantage of having more time to handle and distribute the fruit. Now your customers that are on the outskirts will have sufficient time to receive products that are of high quality and freshness. You can expect 6/7 days from field harvest to your loading dock.

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Please contact our Sales Desk to discuss further the benefits of shipping Mexican Green Avocados to your customers.




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Mission Statement

Since 1981, London Fruit’s mission is to provide fresh, quality Tropical Fruit from Mexico to our customers on a year-round basis, and empower our employees to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.